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Paving Technology of Sintered Stone


1. Construction Tools

Professional tools for Sintered Stone paving: special suction cups for ceramic tiles, mobile fixing racks, mobile support for protective tiles, spirit levels, laser levels, wall and floor meters, tooth trowels, steel trowels, tile levelers, push pliers, Plate vibrator (with rubber pad), caulking scraper, electric cutter, tape measure, cleaning sponge, electric mixer, mixing bucket, scraper plate, gap expander, hole locator, manual cutter, drilling machine.

2. Basic treatment before construction

Before paving, check the verticality, flatness, squareness of the yin and yang angles, hollows and cracks of the plastering layer, and clean and deal with them.

3. Handling and processing

When handling sintered stones, use hand pump suction cups or professional lifting bars that meet the requirements for lifting, and place them on a truck for transportation. It is strictly forbidden to land on the ground during transportation and placement.

In the process of paving the sintered stone, processing steps such as cutting and chamfering, opening round holes, and opening square holes are required. Measure the size, use cutting machine, glass drill and other tools to cut and open holes.

4. Special adhesive (tile glue)

Professional tile glue should be used when paving sintered stone. It is recommended to use flexible tile glue or tile glue products of C2ES and above. It is forbidden to use Marble glue as an adhesive for paving sintered stone.

5. The process flow of sintered stone wall/ground wet pasting

01 Elastic line division / After processing the base layer according to the basic wall treatment and fine leveling process, determine the segmented grid elastic line and pop-up reference line, and set the standard point of the finished surface thickness to control the surface thickness and vertical flatness.

02 Brush the interface agent/ Use a roller to evenly brush the interface agent on the wall/floor adhesive surface, and leave it for 2 hours before sticking.

03 Preparation of bonding material / The mixing ratio of adhesive and water should be prepared according to the product specification, stir evenly with a slow electric stirrer, then let it stand for 5-10 minutes, and then use it after a little stirring.

05 Adhesive construction/ Apply a layer of evenly mixed adhesive on the sticking surface of the board and the base surface, and then use a toothed scraper to scrape the glue at an angle of 30°. The direction of the teeth of the board and the base surface adhesive should be parallel, and Chamfer the adhesive on the four sides. The thickness of the base layer and board adhesive should be 3-6mm; it should be uniform, full, and uninterrupted.

06 During the construction of sintered stone paving / sintered stone pasting, it should be pasted along the reference line in the order from bottom to top and from inside to outside; two or more hand pump type steel frame suction cups should be used for transportation; after the adhesive application is completed The sintered stone should be pasted to the base surface within 20 minutes; the foot protection should be used when paving.

07 Flatness adjustment / After the sintered stone is pasted on the base surface, knead and press it and then adjust the sintered stone to be flat with a vibrator. It is advisable to use a pad to adjust the level or verticality of the surface material. Use a leveler base and The insert is leveled, and the gap width of the sintered stone should be adjusted by a gap expander.

08 Clearance of gaps / Ground construction should be enclosed before the final setting of the adhesive and no stepping is allowed; after the application of the adhesive, before the initial solidification of the adhesive (within 24-48h), the adhesive adhering in the gap should be removed with a joint cleaning tool. The gap should be uniform and the width should be the same. The gap filling material should use flexible gap filler, and the gap width should not be less than 3mm.

09 Surface cleaning / After sticking, the surface of the sintered stone is found to be contaminated. The dirt should be removed under the premise of not causing the sintered stone to shift. After 7 days of construction, a neutral detergent can be used for thorough cleaning.

sintered stone

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