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As a globalization stone server, Guangzhou Jade River Enterprises Co.,Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, and set up our outlet and processing plant in Yunfu, the Capital of Stone in China. Jade River company is engaged in natural stone industry since 2009 with depending on the advanced whole natural stone supply chain, the mining resources, abundant capital and advanced designer. We can supply the whole service from quarries to construction site for our clients. Jade River offers superior quality ,variety and service .We strive to make your experience a memorable one .We offer an exceptional selection of Marble,Granite and exclusive imported directly from around the world .The main products including granite and marble tiles, slabs, mosaic and etc.. These natural stone products are used on the large building, villa garden, hotel and family home. We can supply also many raw material blocks, different specification slabs and technology stone series. Natural is the best. In the future, Jade River will present the natural beautiful stone to our clients based on the excellent quality and advanced technology.
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  • With the change of the times, human's aesthetic taste is improved, and the pursuit of uniqueness, because of its natural properties, stone can satisfy people's pursuit of permanent and unique inner desire, and is very popular. Eight advantages of stone in modern building decoration No. 1 Noble and elegant Stone has the characteristics of noble and elegant, bright and shiny, hard and permanent, and different stones have different beauty. All kinds of public and high-end buildings all use decorative stone to improve the "grade". No.2 Unique and diverse Stone is a unique building material with irreplaceable material characteristics. Its texture is incomparable with any other synthetic materials and composite materials. When natural stone is mined, it is generally a large block. Designers can design the size and shape of the stone according to their own design requirements. At the same time, the diversity of stone and the unique processing possibilities are unique among building materials. No.3 Comfort and energy saving Stone has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is conducive to energy conservation. It has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity. Sunlight.
  • When people enter the room, the first thing they come into contact with is color. Today, most people use white design as a starting point, and then create colorful spaces in different ways. Therefore, the choice of white decorative materials is important. In the design process, we must have a good grasp of whether white materials can collide to reorganize diverse designs. In modern interior design, white has become a popular color tone. The white series of marble is also widely used, and Ariston Marble is no exception. When Ariston Marble is used in the interior design of white school, it is a stone material with infection and affecting people's vision and psychology. The interior decorated by Ariston Marble will give people a sense of purity and elegance, and the gloss of the stone can also increase the brightness of the room. At the same time, the fresh wind diffused by white can also add joy to the people who live inside. Moreover, the off-white texture of Ariston Marble can bring a sense of vitality to the space. For Ariston Marble, we can use a word to describe it as "skin as gel". "Skin as gel" is used to describe a person's skin as white and delicate as coagulated oil, but it can't be used on the white marble . Moreover, the interior design of this stone application shows that the modern style also carries a full of elegant charm.
  • Advantages of artificial stone: Artificial stone is researched based on the problems in the practical application of natural stone. It has made great progress in moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and patchwork. Disadvantages of artificial stone: Artificial things naturally have artificial defects, artificial stones are generally lacking in naturalness, and the texture is relatively fake. Therefore, they are mostly used in cabinets and other places where the requirements are not high, such as out of the room, toilets, etc. The manufacturing process of artificial stone is very different, and the performance and characteristics are not complete. Therefore, the advantages mentioned above do not necessarily match the real performance of artificial stone that the buyer knows. : The performance of imported artificial stones on the market is relatively good. For example, imported marbles are allowed to be sanded with sandpaper. It is no longer obvious when the user disposes them, and many domestic artificial stones obviously cannot support this practice. When buying artificial stone, it is best to take a sample to perform harsh tests, such as pouring soy sauce or oil stains, and performing abrasion tests. The natural beauty of natural stone patterns has driven people to imitate it, especially in areas lacking mineral resources. Artificial stone products look very realistic, but if you look closely, it is easier to distinguish: 1. The artificial stone pattern has no layering, and the layering cannot be imitated. 2. The pattern and color of artificial stone are the same, without change. 3. There are marks on the back of the artificial stone board. How to identify natural stone dyeing (additive): ① The dyed stone is bright but unnatural. ② The level of dye penetration can be seen at the fracture of the board. ③ Th
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