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As a globalization stone server, Guangzhou Jade River Enterprises Co.,Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, and set up our outlet and processing plant in Yunfu, the Capital of Stone in China. Jade River company is engaged in natural stone industry since 2009 with depending on the advanced whole natural stone supply chain, the mining resources, abundant capital and advanced designer. We can supply the whole service from quarries to construction site for our clients. Jade River offers superior quality ,variety and service .We strive to make your experience a memorable one .We offer an exceptional selection of Marble,Granite and exclusive imported directly from around the world .The main products including granite and marble tiles, slabs, mosaic and etc.. These natural stone products are used on the large building, villa garden, hotel and family home. We can supply also many raw material blocks, different specification slabs and technology stone series. Natural is the best. In the future, Jade River will present the natural beautiful stone to our clients based on the excellent quality and advanced technology.
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  • Water absorption refers to the ability of a stone to absorb water under standard atmospheric pressure. It is measured by the water absorbed by the stone and expressed as a percentage. The water absorption of stone is determined by the number and size of voids and the way in which the particles are arranged with each other. It depends on factors such as whether the stone is easily wet, and the condition of removing air from the gap. The smaller the water absorption, the more compact and hard the stone is. For example, the water absorption of hard igneous rocks is often less than 1%, some dense sedimentary rocks are about 3%, and some loose sedimentary rocks often reach 8% or more than 8%. The greater the water absorption rate of the stone, the worse its engineering properties. Method for detecting water absorption of natural stone 1. Preparation of equipment and measuring tools ① Drying oven-The temperature can be controlled within the range of 60°±2°C. ②Balance-The maximum weighing mass is 1000g, and the sensitivity is 10g. 2, sample and test procedure ①Sample-The sample should have a side length of 100mm×100mm, and the thickness should be the thickness used. The number of samples for each test is 6 pieces. ②Test procedure-first wash the sample with clean water, wipe it dry, dry it in a constant temperature drying oven at 60°±2°C for 48h to constant weight, and then put it in a desiccator to cool to room temperature. At this time, take out the
  • 01 Elastic line division / After processing the base layer according to the basic wall treatment and fine leveling process, determine the segmented division elastic line and pop-up reference line, and set the standard point of the finished surface thickness to control the surface thickness and vertical flatness. 02 Mounting the structural parts on the sticking surface of the sintered stone / Use the back bolt hole drilling machine to drill the hole on the sticking surface of the sintered stone, and install the stainless steel structural parts to fix the edge of the sintered stone. 1) Dimension: Determine the installation position of the structural parts (recommended every 20cm~30cm); 2) Use a back-bolt hole drilling machine to make holes on the sticking surface of the sintered stone, and install stainless steel structural parts to fix it on the edge of the sintered stone. 3) Drill holes on the wall according to the installation position of the structural parts. 03 Brush the interface agent/ Use a roller to evenly brush the interface agent on the wall/floor adhesive surface, and leave it for 2h before sticking. 04 Preparation of bonding material / The mixing ratio of adhesive and water should be prepared according to the product manual, stir evenly with a slow electric stirrer, then let it stand for 5-10 minutes, and then use it after a little stirring. 05 Adhesive surface cleaning / A
  • 1. Construction Tools Professional tools for sintered stone paving: special suction cups for ceramic tiles, mobile fixing racks, mobile support for protective tiles, spirit levels, laser levels, wall and floor meters, tooth trowels, steel trowels, tile levelers, push pliers, Plate vibrator (with rubber pad), caulking scraper, electric cutter, tape measure, cleaning sponge, electric mixer, mixing bucket, scraper plate, gap expander, hole locator, manual cutter, drilling machine. 2. Basic treatment before construction Before paving, check the verticality, flatness, squareness of the yin and yang angles, hollows and cracks of the plastering layer, and clean and deal with them. 3. Handling and processing When handling sintered stones, use hand pump suction cups or professional lifting bars that meet the requirements for lifting, and place them on a truck for transportation. It is strictly forbidden to land on the ground during transportation and placement. In the process of paving the sintered stone, processing steps such as cutting and chamfering, opening round holes, and opening square holes are required. Measure the size, use cutting machine, glass drill and other tools to cut and open holes. 4. Special adhesive (tile glue) Professional tile glue should be used when paving sintered stone. It is
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