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As a globalization stone server, Guangzhou Jade River Enterprises Co.,Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, and set up our outlet and processing plant in Yunfu, the Capital of Stone in China. Jade River company is engaged in natural stone industry since 2009 with depending on the advanced whole natural stone supply chain, the mining resources, abundant capital and advanced designer. We can supply the whole service from quarries to construction site for our clients. Jade River offers superior quality ,variety and service .We strive to make your experience a memorable one .We offer an exceptional selection of Marble,Granite and exclusive imported directly from around the world .The main products including granite and marble tiles, slabs, mosaic and etc.. These natural stone products are used on the large building, villa garden, hotel and family home. We can supply also many raw material blocks, different specification slabs and technology stone series. Natural is the best. In the future, Jade River will present the natural beautiful stone to our clients based on the excellent quality and advanced technology.
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  • As a new material, it has twelve advantages over other traditional materials 1.Fire and high temperature resistance Fire and high temperature resistance: Class A1 fire protection 1280 degree high temperature resistance Pure natural inorganic ingredients Colorless and odorless in case of open flame It can`t be hurt by sudden cold or heat 2.Scratch-resistant Scratch resistance: Mohs hardness grade 6 With excellent wear resistance,It does not leave marks after the blade . (Wear rate as low as 93mm) Wind, sand and stones, no damage 3.Impact resistance: Very dense And high-tech production technology Gives basalt excellent resistance to damage 6mm basalt slab has the same impact resistance As 35mm granite and 2 times stronger than traditional tiles 4.Super stain resistance: 5 Class stain resistant surface treatment Coupled with the self-cleaning function of basalt PURETI Make the basalt not only stain-free But also keep automatic cleaning
  • The natural marble is rich in grades and the texture is naturally diverse. However, due to the natural formation, the fine and loose cracks are easily damaged, and since the stone is a porous material structure, it is difficult to clean if it is infiltrated into the sewage during production, transportation or construction. A rupture occurred. In contrast, considering environmental protection, price and easy care, it is recommended to choose artificial marble stone and artificial quartz in artificial stone. These two materials have high imitation stone and relatively economical price, which is not only environmentally friendly but also hard. More importantly, it can be molded in one piece, has few seams, is easy to handle, and is not prone to bleeding and dyeing. If it is a European style, the countertops do not need to be hard objects, or you can put antique tiles directly on the countertops, which looks very beautiful. In addition, if it is a high-end residence, you can choose a countertop with artificial PVC material similar to the bathroom wash basin design. This countertop is an integrated countertop with no gaps between the sink and the countertop, which is not only easy to clean, but also looks cleaner. However, such countertops are currently rare on the market, mostly imported and expensive. Reprinted from Southern Metropolis Daily
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