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The Skill of Stone Application


Color matching

When decorating homes, consumers hope that the decoration will make people live in a warm and comfortable place, so they must pay attention to the matching of stone color and related quality control during the decoration.

With different colors, it feels different naturally. Because there are many colors of natural stone, color is also important when you choose stone. Generally, red symbolizes warmth and enthusiasm, and the hotel lobby is decorated with red Granite, which makes people feel at home. White and off-white clean and bright, suitable for decorating bathrooms and kitchens. Dark gray and black give a sense of solemnity and solemnity. The combination and parquet of several shades of different colors will make the main and subordinates more distinct and increase the sense of liveliness and coordination.

Stones and colors used in different places are also different. Due to the limitation of daylighting, it is not suitable to choose darker-colored stone when decorating the floor: When decorating the countertop, except for the kitchen, other places with bright colors and beautiful patterns should be used, such as "big flower green" and "big flower white". The kitchen countertops should be light-colored. Stone products such as round tables, lamps, tables and chairs, due to frequent contact in daily life, must be considered such as tea, ink, juice, wine and other pollution, so the stone color is darker, like green, blue, red Marble granite .

In addition, we must pay attention to quality control. The quality of stone decoration is a complex systematic project, which includes process quality, material quality, etc.


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