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Matters Needing Attention in Marble Construction


(1) Empty board

Due to improper cleaning of the concrete cushion or insufficient watering and wetting, the brushed cement slurry is uneven or the brush area is too large, the time is too long, and it has been air-dried. The dry and hard cement mortar is arbitrarily added with water. , Are likely to cause empty drums. Therefore, the operation process requirements must be strictly observed, the base layer must be cleaned up, the mortar of the combined layer must not be added with water, and a layer of cement slurry should be brushed with the shop.

(2) Uneven seams and uneven width

The main reason is that the plate itself has defects such as thickness, unevenness and warpage. Factors such as not drawing straight lines for control during paving are prone to defects such as uneven seams and uneven seams. Therefore, the plates should be strictly selected in advance. All warped, arched back, uneven width, squareness and other plates should be removed and not used.

After laying the standard plate, it should be laid in sequence on both sides and in the backward direction, and be leveled with a ruler and ruler at any time. The seam must be pulled through the line without deviation. The elevation line in the room must be introduced by a special person, and the elevation in each room and corridor must be consistent.

(3) Product protection

1. When transporting Marble slabs and cement mortar, measures should be taken to prevent collision with finished walls and doorways.

2. During the process of paving marble slabs and crushing the marble slabs, the operating procedures personnel should wipe the cement, mortar and other traces on the marble surface with the dry cloth.

3. When walking on the marble floor, the compressive strength of the leveling cement mortar shall not be less than 1.2Mpa.

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