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Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone

Advantages of Artificial Stone: Artificial stone is researched based on the problems in the practical application of natural stone. It has made great progress in moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and patchwork.
Disadvantages of artificial stone: Artificial things naturally have artificial defects, artificial stones are generally lacking in naturalness, and the texture is relatively fake. Therefore, they are mostly used in cabinets and other places where the requirements are not high, such as out of the room, toilets, etc.
The manufacturing process of artificial stone is very different, and the performance and characteristics are not complete. Therefore, the advantages mentioned above do not necessarily match the real performance of artificial stone that the buyer knows. :
The performance of imported artificial stones on the market is relatively good. For example, imported marbles are allowed to be sanded with sandpaper. It is no longer obvious when the user disposes them, and many domestic artificial stones obviously cannot support this practice. When buying artificial stone, it is best to take a sample to perform harsh tests, such as pouring soy sauce or oil stains, and performing abrasion tests.
The natural beauty of natural stone patterns has driven people to imitate it, especially in areas lacking mineral resources. Artificial stone products look very realistic, but if you look closely, it is easier to distinguish:
1. The artificial stone pattern has no layering, and the layering cannot be imitated.
2. The pattern and color of artificial stone are the same, without change.
3. There are marks on the back of the artificial stone board. How to identify natural stone dyeing (additive):
① The dyed stone is bright but unnatural.
② The level of dye penetration can be seen at the fracture of the board.
③ The dyed stone is generally made of stone with poor stone quality, large porosity and high water absorption, which can be identified by percussion.
④ The gloss of dyed stone is lower than that of natural stone.
⑤ The back of the stone coated with machine oil to increase glossiness has a greasy feel.
⑥ Although the gloss of the coated film is high, the strength of the film is not enough, it is easy to wear, and it has scratches on light.
⑦Stones coated with wax to increase gloss, baked with a match or lighter, the wax surface is lost, showing its original appearance.

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